Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"WHAT IS A SHAMANIC JOURNEY?" Seminars on Shamanism

Apprentice Shaman,yarn on beeswax image, Huichol, Mexico


Last night's informal seminar at The Open Centre was a successful first 'Introduction to Shamanism'.

Dr. Zoe Bran, who led the seminar, talked about Core Shamanism generally and then the group focussed on Shamanic Journeying: what it is; how it happens; where a shaman journeys to; and why the journey, and the intention behind the journey, are so central to shamanic practice.

Many questions were asked during and after the discussion and included:
  • Can I learn to journey on my own, using a drumming CD?
  • What is the difference between journeying and soul retrieval?
  • How is journeying different to meditation?
  • What is the difference between a Power Animal and a Spirit Helper?
  • Was shamanism, historically, the spiritual path of pre-literate cultures?
  • Could journeying be psychologically dangerous?
  • Where is it possible to learn the basics of shamanism?
  • "What does it mean?"!

These and many other questions were answered in the group and it became clear that there was a considerable interest in learning the techniques of shamanic journeying and we discussed the various ways of learning i.e. on courses, in groups, or one-to-one.

The next informal seminar will be held on Monday 30th March and will be on: SOUL RETRIEVAL with a practical demonstration of this ancient shamanic technique.

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please reserve a place by emailing Shaman UK (see contact details in the sidebar). We would be happy to welcome you.

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