Top 10 Shamanic Tribes Around the Globe



All around the world there are different forms of spirituality, and oftentimes the way to reach these spirits was through some form of shamanism. The shaman of these different cultures would come into contact with these spirits through trances or rituals. However, each different part of the globe has different rituals and ways of reaching these spirits. Here are a few of the types of shaman from all over the globe.

The Hmong Shaman

5000 years ago the Hmong people of China practiced a form of spiritualism called “Ua Neeb.” This form of spiritual healing said that all souls are interchangeable. This tribe practiced a respectful form of animal sacrifice in order to heal someone. The reasoning was that since all souls were interchangeable, asking permission to use the animal’s soul was fine. The animal’s soul would heal the person, and all of this would be officiated by the shaman of the tribe; he would talk to the gods and ask the animal for permission.


In Mongolia having a shaman is still common today. The shaman would (and still does!) call down rain, drive out evil spirits, and call upon the good spirits for healing and guidance. The shaman calls upon several different versions of spirits; some spirits are protectors, some are ancestral spirits, some are the spirits of great shaman of the past, and some are devils and evil spirits. The shaman has to call upon all of them, either to call for help, guidance, and healing, or to order them to leave and do no harm.


How to Practice Shamanic Healing Process at Home


Many people think of ritual healing as a way to produce a state of health through “magical” or ritual means. However, that way of thinking often misses the point of shamanic healing. The ancients of many different cultures believed that returning someone to a state of health was about finding a way to make the person “whole” again. They believed that sickness took away an important part of what makes you human, and to help someone you had to return the part that was missing. Returning a person to health was simply the practice of giving the sick person harmony with their environment again.

You can use many of the techniques that shaman both ancient and modern use to heal themselves and other people. The best way to start learning about shamanic healing is to learn the shamanic concept of nature. Interestingly, this method has very few “practical steps,” so it can be difficult to describe exactly how it works. Here is the basic idea: you need to get out in nature and learn everything nature has to teach you.

Learning lessons from nature is a huge part of the shamanic concept of wholeness; nature is the perfect example of something that is altogether whole, pure, and healthy. If you want to learn how to heal yourself at home, you need to get out in nature and start developing an awareness of what nature has to teach you.


How to Connect With Your Spirit Animal Guide



People often joke about different animals that they believe are their spirit animal, but did you know that your real spirit animal oftentimes does far more for you than most people would ever believe? Your spirit animal is a part of you; you will often find traits in that animal that you find in yourself. Because of this, your spirit animal shares a small part of your soul. But not in a bad way! When you find yourself sick or ill, you can call upon your spirit animal to heal you and restore a part of your soul that you were missing.

Step 1

First, you need to know about what a spirit animal is. Your spirit animal is not JUST an animal that you think is interesting or one that you personally like. Sometimes, your spirit animal could be an animal you DON’T particularly like! This animal can help identify flaws in yourself that you need to work on, help you discover things about yourself you didn’t know, and give you a new connection with nature to help you learn. Your spirit animal may be the last animal you expect, but it WILL help you navigate life more efficiently…


Who is Shaman and What Does He Do?


When you think of a Shaman, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the murderous man from Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom who tears out people’s hearts? Is it an old man on a mountain, shaking gourds and calling on spirits?

Would you believe me if I told you there was much more to being a Shaman than that?

Shamanism is actually a very simple concept when you break it down; a shaman is a member of a tribe that can talk to spirits (so you got that part right!) and conveys wisdom to his tribe.

Actually, that part about conveying wisdom to his tribe is probably the most important part! In many native culture the role of the shaman was to be the storyteller; his job was to tell the stories that defined their culture and made their rich history. Were they all true stories?

Does it really matter?

To native people in places like Siberia and early America, history was more than fact; it was legend. History was what set their people apart from other people, and it was the job of the shaman to relate that story to the people and keep the legends of amazing deeds done in the part alive.

There is still more to the shaman’s job then being the historian of the tribe; the shaman also would have been the spiritual link for his tribe. A few hundred and even thousand years ago, stories of the gods and spirits WERE history, and keeping in contact with those same spirits was one of the most important parts of the job of a shaman. Think about it; history is one thing, but being IN CONTACT with the amazing beings that the stories told of was amazing to these tribes.

Keeping in contact with the spirits would have facilitated healing for the sick, and the shaman was the link to the gods that allowed healing to take place. The shaman’s job was to make sure that people were able to get the healing they needed from the gods and spirits when they needed it.

Lastly, the shaman accompanied spiritual ceremonies and storytelling with music. Shaman were skilled music makers and instrument designers. Like a master pianist would visit a store such as to get the best piano he or she could, the shaman would search far and wide to find the most amazing materials to make beautiful musical instruments.

The job of a shaman was that of a historian, musician, spiritual leader, storyteller, and healer. Many of these roles were multiple sides of the same coin; for example there was little difference between a healer and a spiritual leader in the days of old. If you wanted to be a shaman a few hundred years ago you were signing up for one of the busiest jobs available. You had better be ready for a lot of responsibility, because you were one of the busiest but most respected people in the tribe!

How Animals Can Connect You To the Spirit World

The ancient world respected animals much more than we do today. You can see that from the way that animals were revered and sometimes even worshipped. There are a few specific animals that have been worshipped in many cultures; animals such as dogs, cats, and monkeys have been revered in many places. Even mystical animals such as dragons have gotten their turn in the limelight! Even today animals can teach us lots about life in general; here are a few lessons that we can learn from the animals that spiritualists have revered for ages!


Dogs are some of the most loved animals today. They are even known as “man’s best friend.” Dogs were esteemed for their bravery and fighting ability in the wild in many ancient civilizations, but we love them for different reasons today. Dogs can teach us how valuable unconditional love is. Does your dog’s attitude towards you change when you’re sad or upset? No! Your dog loves you no matter what your mood is, even if you’re in a terrible mood! Just think if we loved people like that! Would we not be so welcome in other people’s homes and lives if we loved other people unconditionally like a loyal puppy? That kind of loyalty is rare in the world. Be sure to reward your dog for its love for you with some toys from Dogs Rant.


Ah yes, the second most popular pet in the world. Cats teach us a totally different lesson from dogs: the value of detachment. Sometimes if you’re not happy, your cat just goes away for a while. This can be a valuable lesson for people that care a little too much about what other people think of them. Sometimes the best thing is to just go away for a while and let other people sort out their feelings. Maybe the best option is just to leave other people alone for a bit! Your happiness should not depend on someone else; be independent, just like the cat!


The monkey is one of the happiest animals there is. They are full of mischief; they’ll steal your food and run away laughing about it! That can be one of the most valuable lessons for people; don’t get caught up in life’s troubles! Laugh a little bit, and take some food and forget about it! Don’t forget to have fun in life. You don’t have to swing in trees, but you should do something thrilling and different every once in a while! Just be sure that you don’t steal; that’s one thing that monkeys do that we should NOT emulate!

Don’t discount the valuable lessons that you can learn from the animal kingdom! Sometimes we need to take our eyes off of our human role models and look to the natural world instead. And be sure you reward the animals in your life! Get your dog a new dog bed, give your cat a treat, and let a monkey take some food; they deserve it for teaching some life lessons!

Enjoy Unlimited Abundance In Your Life: Here Are the Three Steps To Start With!

Among the most sought topics in the realm of shamanism is how one can attract abundance in life. It’s not entirely surprising. Who doesn’t want a happy, abundant and content life? All of us do!

In the metaphysical sense, abundance means having a large amount of the good things in your life. Many equate abundance with abundance of resources, a.k.a. money and finance, but it’s just a part of whole.

Abundance is having more joy, more happiness, more heat, more love, more food, more energy, more wisdom, and more money! It also means less pain, less anxiety, less hunger, less stress, and less debt.

When asking for abundance, ask for all things good – and never just a single part.

Enjoy Unlimited Abundance In Your Life Here Are the Three Steps To Start With-1One has to be ready to receive abundance in all its entirety and not just single, focused, isolated piece of the entire pie. It’s a one thing deal that the universe bestows upon every individual. For instance, when you ask from the universe good health, don’t just ask for money to pay the gym or buy your own fitness regimen. Ask for time, energy, health, and perseverance to accomplish what you’re asking for. It wouldn’t matter if you have bought the best trampoline brands for your fitness goal but are unable to use it because you lack time or energy or have a poor health, right?

Asking for abundance is asking for a good life. But the universe doesn’t shower abundance to everyone. You have to ask and be worthy of it. In order to receive these graces, one needs to have an open heart, soul and mind; always ready to receive the good things that the universe showers – including money!

Here are three ways you can do to attract abundance now!

  1. Be ready to receive and welcome the gift of abundance.

Man is naturally a giver. Even if you don’t realize it, you are a giver. You work, you prepare you make others smile, you do chores and run errands – you give to others without you realizing your actions.

Everyone contributes in this abundance-filled universe. Have time to reverse this outward giving, and be ready to create opportunities and time to receive abundance. Get ready to be on the receiving end of the cycle.

Welcome abundance that comes from others. Realize that abundance is a cycle that pervades in this universe. If someone offers a gift, accept. If you’ve been promoted at work, be grateful. If your friend asks to take you out after a tiring work, let her.

When you allow yourself to receive these gifts freely and without hesitation, you are opening yourself for abundance to easily come into your life. Know that the universe sends abundance in the subtlest ways and be open and grateful for it!

  1. Create opportunities for inward giving.

Take time for yourself.

Find a past-time, hobby, or activity that delights your heart. These “me-times” allow you to give back to yourself. Inward giving is a way to unlock the abundance that is ever present in our universe.

If you enjoy reading, spend a good three hours to it. If you enjoy listening or playing music, set aside time for it and do it more often. If you love to work out, you can enroll in a fitness gym or gift yourself with a home fitness gym, maybe any of the trampolines at htttp://

When creating inward abundance, you invite more abundance into your life.

  1. Open avenues for financial abundance.

Once inward giving becomes a natural part of your life, you become more open to financial abundance. You can start creating pathways for financial abundance. This doesn’t mean you need to get a second job or start a business, oftentimes; you simply need to change your lifestyle.

You can earn additional academic credentials or enhance your skills. Get ready to improve your financial worth and believe that you’re worth higher pay. You can even translate a past time or hobby into additional income stream. If you love to garden, you can grow plants and sell them. If you love to cook, you can make homemade delicacies and earn from it.

Be creative and open avenues for financial abundance to come your way. Don’t be afraid to start venturing into these new money streams.

When you open yourself to receiving good things in all forms, you attract more financial abundance. Then as you get comfortable with receiving, all pathways are opened and you receive the abundance that the universe is always giving us!

Lessons We Can Learn From Native Spirituality



Do you believe that shaman spirituality is too old and outdated to have any meaning today? Do you think that the religions native people all over the world followed are now useless and have no meaning? All too often, we assume that our culture and our modern time is the most enlightened, which often means that we simply throw out any ideas older than about 100 years.

However, there is a goldmine of knowledge that we can get from simply taking the time to learn everything we can about our spiritual roots. Even if you don’t exactly believe in the gods and religions of old, you can still learn quite a bit. Don’t assume that our culture knows everything there is to know about the spiritual world!

First, one moral law that every major and minor religion have held is a variation on the Golden Rule. Now, Christianity was not the first to apply this law, but it is most well-known because it comes from the Bible. Every culture that believes in a spirit world believes in the Law of Empathy: do unto others as you would have them do to you. No matter where you go in the world or who you talk to, this rule will pop up.

Next, the importance of meditation! If you go to the Himalayan mountains, where it is so cold you’ll need the best quality equipment like the equipment Winter Badass carries, you can still find shamans among the native people who teach the benefits of meditation. Few people use meditation, and even fewer people use it well. In its purest form meditation is supposed to connect you to the world around you, and rid you of concerns and doubts and put you in a Zen state. Once you’re in the Zen state, you can engage with the world in an empathetic and understanding way. This world could use a bit more empathy and understanding!

Another connection too many modern people fail to make is the connection between spirituality and music. Most rituals designed to communicate with the gods and use the music of some sort; often hypnotic drums and stringed instruments. You may not believe in a God or gods, but no one can deny that good music takes you to a place of great calm. Try listening to trance or binaural beats; you’d be amazed how calm and connected you feel in those moments!

Ancient religions and spirituality do not mean outdated ideas. Actually, many ideas these shamans put forth are quite relevant today, and we could stand to learn a lot. So start learning and applying! Either read a book and learn or get some ski equipment, like best ski bindings 2017; and head up to the mountains to learn from a shaman. Either way – start learning!

Feng Shui: Your Way to A More Positive Life!

Feng Shui is an ancient tradition practiced in China. It is a way of harmonizing, cleansing, balancing, and clearing the energies in your space to promote the positive flow of energies or Qi.

While this concept is relatively new in the west, it has been practiced for over five millennia in China. Ancient Chinese traditions greatly respected nature and the forces that are behind the physical world. They believed that everything, animate and inanimate, possessed Qi or energies.

In order to harness the energies of these objects, one should arrange and harmonize them so that the Qi flows unblocked and doesn’t stagnate.

Get ready to harness the energies of your home with these Feng Shui tips!

  1. Clean up your home.

This is the most basic and most essential step in Feng Shui. Start clearing negative energies by getting rid of clutter. You might find pallet collars very helpful in freeing up clutter. For this, you can visit which offers some great options.

Clutter in your home is clutter in your life. These unnecessary objects can block the positive energies that is ever present your home. Dirt, disorganization and clutter can also lead to stagnation not just in your home but also in your life.

If you want a more positive life, you should start cleaning up your home today!

  1. Get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Every stuff around your home has energy. You want to limit them so that you surround yourself only with good energy. Many of the unnecessary stuff, especially the broken ones, that you keep usually contains negative energies. And these are pumping out negative energy around your spirit.

You have to get rid of all these junk or they’ll sap out the positive energies within you. In Feng Shui, as well as in life, the key is simplicity.

  1. Repair what can be repaired.

As mentioned above, broken items harness negative Qi. If you’re having a hard time throwing away stuff, try getting those things mended. Moreover, don’t keep broken stuff around your living room or bedroom. Better to pack them in a pallet collar, like those at, and have them stacked in the garage or a storage unit.

Make sure to fix soonest time common problems like cracked mirrors, broken window, leaky pipes and faucets, squeaky hinges, etc. These are minor household issues that you often put off and end up being neglected.

  1. Add life indoors.

Feng Shui practitioners always recommend putting actual life inside the living space or even workspace. Aquarium, fountains, and plants can add positive energies to your space. Aside from adding positive energies, they also are great for interior design. However, there are specific rules that need to be followed when planning what and where to put these objects inside your home.

You want your life to flourish just as the plants or fishes are flourishing!

  1. Use colors effectively.

Colors can affect the energy in your home. You can use them to infuse more energy in spaces where is a lack of it. Other times, you need to tone down the colors to minimize its overpowering aura. Colors also have varying degrees of energy. It would help to ask the guidance of Feng Shui practitioners in order to maximize the use of colors.

It’s quite surprising how this tradition has lasted for years. You might ask why Feng Shui has become an undying tradition for thousands of years. And perhaps, there’s only one logical answer: It’s because it works!

Use these tips and start living a positive life!

Shamanism and Ancient Martial Arts: What Many Don’t Know About

I recently attended an event organized by a well-known shaman whom I have great respect for. It was a gathering of shamans, clairvoyants, and other ESP enthusiasts. In one of the sessions, I was surprised to learn about the strong connection between shamanism and martial arts.

This is because, not long ago, I was hooked into martial arts. In fact, I have been a frequenting martial arts review sites like GoodByeNinja to look for mixed martial arts gears and supplies. I really didn’t know that the routines I have been doing were actually helpful in developing my psychic abilities.

I’ve learned that martial arts actually have its roots in shamanism. It was from the elemental forces of nature and animals that we learned the arts of self-preservation.

When humans first roamed the earth, our creature was so defenseless and puny compared to the other species. The animals and plants agreed to teach us self protection. All indigenous people who have come earlier than us have respected and honored this tradition for so many centuries. They lived in gratitude and harmony with the earth and all creatures on it.

A lot of the things we know about self-protection, we learned by observing the animals. But still many of these lessons we acquired through direct gnosis where spirits of nature appeared in ancient ceremonies, rituals and dreams, especially to those who demonstrated their worthiness to receive these higher learning.

Among the different mart art forms, that of ancient Asia seems to be most highly developed and deeply rooted in nature. The training is focused on strengthening internal power (chi or ki or what we simply call “life force”). Quite interestingly, many of the legendary and mythical martial artists are said to have retreated into the wilderness, and then emerged later much more powerful and enlightened than before. It’s easy to see the connection between nature and these traditional martial arts.

Other Asian martial traditions are also heavily influenced by elemental terms, such the earth, water, fire, wind, and the void. All of these suggest the direct link between shamanism and martial arts.

Perhaps, the most obvious relation that links shamanism and martial arts can be seen in Kung Fu – the traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Some of the well known disciplines and techniques are inspired by animals, such as the Eagle Claw, Tiger, Praying Mantis, Serpent, and White Crane Style.

Quite interestingly, these animals play significant roles in the spiritual and shamanic point of view:

The Eagle – In shamanic view, the eagle inspires illumination, healing and creation. Align with the eagle, one takes on the responsibility and power to transcend oneself and bear new creative force, touch lives with healing and move between worlds.

Tiger – Sensuality, passion, devotion and power are what the tiger represents in the shamanic point of view. Aligned with the Tiger’s characteristic, expect your life to have a deeper passion and more adventures. It also fuels your spirit to be stronger in the face of dilemmas, just as you would punch on the heavy bag during martial arts training. Oh, speaking of heavy bags, you can read about the best heavy bags by visiting this link.

Praying Mantis – A symbol of calmness and stillness, this creature inspires one to calm the mind and go within thus drawing a greater power. With a still mind and inner self, one can do things with much accuracy, surety, and great power.

Serpent – The serpent symbolizes resurrection, initiation, rebirth and wisdom. It inspires healing and change. With the agility and speed of the serpent, the snake is capable of adapting to changes quickly.

White Crane – This graceful spirit inspires focus which then translates into creation and longevity. It also teaches how to celebrate ones innate creativity.

Truly, shamanism and ancient martial arts have a deep relationship. Practicing martial arts can help strengthen not just one’s physical body but also his spirit. So, the next time you don, martial arts gis don’t just dwell on building your muscles but your inner self too!

5 Very Simple Rituals to Strengthen Your Spirit

Having the worst day? Feel like the world is crumbling upon you?

In a world replete with negative energies, it can be quite difficult to always maintain a positive aura. Some may find it very difficult looking for positive energies around. But actually, by doing some simple rituals, you infuse positivity into your life.

Here let’s take a look at some very easy rituals you can do every single to lead a more positive life!

  1. Wake up to your favorite music.

What’s your favorite music? I’m sure everyone has their favorite song or musical genre. I personally love classical music, which I play as my day’s opening theme song. And just recently, I started to learn how to play alto saxophone. It was quite difficult looking for a good saxophone for newbies, like me. Good thing, I found this review site where they have some of the latest sax models. A quick 15-minute sax practice every morning fills me with positive energy.

You too can think of your favorite song. Perhaps, it’s a ballad, pop, rock or RnB. Any musical genre is good. It surely can help give you an upbeat day.

  1. Watch or read something motivational.

We are lucky to live in the digital world where inspiring stories abound. Spend a good five minutes of the day to watch or read these motivational stories.

Read a quote, a passage, or an article from a self-help or spiritual book. Check YouTube for a quick uplifting clip. If you can spare an hour or two, you can sit down and watch inspiring movies – there are a lot to choose from!

  1. Be grateful.

be-gratefulIn a world replete with negativity, you can cut the cycle of negative energies by having a grateful heart. Say ‘thank you’ to people who help you, perhaps, the cab driver or your secretary or your spouse. Show your gratitude to the universe.

You can also write gratitude statement. Think of one thing that you are grateful for the day and write your ‘thanks’ to the universe. A one-liner would do. This wouldn’t take any time at all but will surely have a huge impact on your day.

  1. Be forgiving.

Aside from having a grateful heart, you also need to be forgiving. Write forgiveness statement to make your spirit more positive.

Think of someone who has transgressed you. Write down a forgiveness statement. This ritual let’s you detach from the negative energies and opens up you for more positivity.

  1. Play music and light a candle before sleeping.

Play soft music before you go to bed. I don’t really advise this one, but I usually play the saxophone again before I sleep. Other times, I read reviews about it at WindPlays to further increase my knowledge. You can add soft music to your sleep ritual as it fosters meditation.

Light a candle and watch its flame dance and flicker. Appreciate its calming, warm glow. Free your mind and meditate. And when you’re ready for bed, blow it and send your prayers to the universe.

Make these your daily rituals regular part of your life and you’ll live a life full of positivity!